last updated: 10/14/03

Niagara Falls Cruise Night Pics
Sunday nights is the main cruise night in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Main area is the big No Frills parking lot on Lundy's Lane, about 5 km east of Clifton Hill. Starts around May 24 weekend and goes till October, weather permitting. Cops will give you one warning for hitting a switch on the road, then its a Careless Driving ticket. When they ask "how long you had hydraulics?" ...ALWAYS say you just got em done 2 days ago...then they know you've never been "warned". Hitting em in a parking lot is no prob. Usually gets going around 7pm and goes till around 11, later on long weekends. After-cruise usually takes place at the Sundowner or Sin City - across from the Cadillac Motel.